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Say Goodbye to Ants: Get Professional Ant Control Anytime In Adelaide

Peters Ant Control Adelaide team puts client’s health and safety first by protecting them from ants by offering 24 by 7 service. With consecutive years of success, we also provide flexible emergency and same-day ant control services without delays. You can get rid of all kinds of ants from your home with the help of our local Ant Control Adelaide experts. 

Are you tired of ants invading your home or workplace? Do you find yourself constantly battling these pesky pests, only to have them return again and again? Say goodbye to your ant problem for good with our professional ant control services! Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with effective solutions to keep ants at bay, ensuring a pest-free environment. Don’t let ants take over your space – let us help you today!

Various Species Of Ants Seen In Adelaide Homes

A few species of ants commonly seen in Adelaide homes are:

Carpenter Ants

Carpenters are ⅝ inch long which can be red, black, brown or a mix of the three. Carpenter ants are next just to termites in terms of devastation capacity. Cause damage by gnawing and digging inside damp wood to build their nests. Look for evidence of invasion, including sawdust-like particles or bits of insulation spread around. 

Fire Ants

Although they are rarely dangerous. They are known for delivering a stinging sting that can cause allergic responses. Throughout a storm, they gather together to form a live raft that, if collided with, may be disastrous. If you stumble across one of these scorching mounds, call an ant exterminator immediately once!

Little Black Ants

Crowds of such dark brown-to-black bugs are widespread throughout the summer and can be found in thickly forested regions. Slight black ants lurk under buildings, under pebbles, underneath log stacks, and in other dark crevices. These have stingers, but you will not feel them due to their small and frail bodies. 

Pharaoh Ants

Pharaoh ants are petite and have a brown-to-yellowish abdomen that provides them with a somewhat translucent appearance. These ravenous scavengers prefer to congregate in places with an abundance of food. Including eateries, guesthouses, supermarkets, and healthcare facilities.

Pavement Ants

Pavement ants, among the most prevalent domestic intruders, are dark-brown or black in colour, averaging ⅛ inch in length, and, like other ants, they prefer sweet meals.

Argentine Ants

Argentine ants are darkish brown in colour and range in size from 1/16 to 1/4 inch in length. This species can be seen primarily in several parts of Adelaide.  Argentine ant nests are found around a food source in moist settings. Moreover, Argentine ants do not represent a health risk, but when smashed, they can infect food and emit a musty odour.

Bull Ants

Bull ants are one of Australia’s highly violent ant species. They will swoop on the intruder and inflict a stinging sting straight to the skin if disturbed. Because the stinger does not stay in its victim, it can sting multiple times if needed. Bull ants build their nests in exterior locations such as the dirt, wood and rock heaps, surrounding plants, and the property’s structure

Pay close attention to convey the right information to us to prepare treatment. We can remove all species of ants from a property in Adelaide.

How Can We Help You? 

✔ Ant Inspection And Removal

We are your local ant exterminators in Adelaide. So, whenever you need any kind of ant inspection and removal service, do reach out! 

✔ Domestic Ant Control

Are you looking for domestic ant control services in Adelaide? Our home ant control service will help. Moreover, we provide same day ant treatments in your area.

✔ Restaurant Ant Control

Facing any issues at your restaurants? Our restaurant ant control service will help. We offer multiple ant control plans at affordable prices. 

✔ Pre-purchase Ant Inspection

Always hire a pre-purchase ant inspection treatment before buying any property. Our ant inspection services will help you in calculating the actual worth of the place. 

✔ Emergency Ant Control Services 

Do you need emergency ant control services in Adelaide? Feel free to call our reliable ant exterminators today! We will help you with affordable and timely service.

✔ Same Day Ant Control

Our ant exterminators are known in Adelaide for same-day ant control services. So, why wait when our ant exterminators are near. So, pick up your phone and call us now!

Why Choose Us For Ant Control In Adelaide? 

  • 24/7 Ant Control: Our ant exterminators are active 24 by 7 in Adelaide. We understand how annoying ants can be, hence we offer round the clock Ant Control in Adelaide. 
  • Reliable Treatment: We use pre-tested ant control products and methods only. Hence, you receive standard and reliable ant control treatment. 
  • Local Ant Exterminators: All of our ant controllers are local. Therefore, we reach your location on time and offer quick results. 
  • Licensed Company: Our ant control company is licensed and registered. Moreover, all of our ant controllers are trained and certified too. 
  • Emergency Ant Control: We do provide emergency ant control services in Adelaide. So, whenever you face a sudden ant attack, do reach us out. 


Q. What are common signs of an ant infestation? 

Ants can be a source of great nuisance to your property. Some common signs to identify an infestation are ant nests in and around the house. You may keep food in the open as prey for ants. If the food is left undisturbed for 2-3 hours, it means your home is ant-free and vice-versa. 

Q. How do I get rid of ants in Adelaide?

Baiting is one of the oldest and reliable methods of ant control. You may spread sugar or honey near ant-infested areas. However, this process sounds messy. Therefore, you should hire a professional Ant Control Adelaide company for effective results. 

Q. Why does my bedroom experience random ants?

If you are facing a few ants inside your place, they are called worker ants. Worker ants keep themselves busy 24/7 in search of food. If you follow their crawling pattern, you will soon reach their infestation.