Termite Control Adelaide

Hire Reliable Termite Control Service in Adelaide!

Termites feed on wood, animal dung, soil, and lead. Peters Pest Control Adelaide deliver termite prevention and treatment plans in Adelaide and nearby places. Moreover, our services are quite popular for providing quality, effective and long-lasting termite control. In addition, our termite control Adelaide experts visit your place to inspect it and then suggest the termite pest control plan. So contact us to get your property termite-free. 

Signs to find for the termite infestation at your property

  • Hollow-sounding timber: Termites eat the inside timber, If you are able to hear the hollow and papery sound from timber it is a classic sign of termite appearance. 
  • Headbanging: Termites are noisy edible insects, they have a habit to bang their heads against the wall or wood. They may shake their bodies to alert the colonies. If you keep your head near the infested part you will surely be able to get the headbanging sound. 
  • Tunnels in wooden items: Termites make tunnels in the wood. Especially they use the soil and termite droplets to make the tunnels.