Mice Control Adelaide

Professional rodent control services in Adelaide

Peters Pest Control Adelaide offers professional rodent control services. Rats are the problem for all house owners in Adelaide. Moreover, we use the modified technologies for mice control. We are using bait to stop the entry of rats, by taking all precautions for rodent control Adelaide services. Moreover, we are always looking for the entry point of the rats, try to block that first. In addition, we have a specialist rat control team who work clock hours for your help to control the rats infestation from your property. 

Signs of rats and mice

  • Distinct smell– Rats leave an ammonia-like smell, especially in the cupboard and wardrobe. It is one of the signs of rats’ existence. 
  • Scratching noise- Rats make a scurry sound when they are under the walls and roof.
  • Ripped food package– You will find the open food packets and the thief teeth marks on it 
  • Nest– Rats build the nest in warm and hidden places by using newspapers, mostly young rats are living in the nest.